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  • Do you know about all the investment options available in the Fidelity 403(b) Plan?
  • Do you know the difference between active and passive management?
  • Are you utilizing Mayo’s new investment features effectively?

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Do you have a tax-efficient retirement strategy?

Download this 12-page guide to learn more about potential tax strategies for retirement. This guide will cover:

  • Why your taxes might not decrease in retirement
  • How "buckets" can help illustrate the impact of taxes on varying assets
  • What required minimum distributions could mean for your tax bracket

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Featured on Kiplinger

written by: Nathan Tiarks

How to Manage Risk in an Election Year

Read Nathan’s article to learn:

    • Why “staying the course” may not be right for your portfolio
    • Why your balanced fund might not be as appropriate as you think it is for your age and situation
    • How a comprehensive plan can offer true diversification — and better risk management

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